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Warning: stories contain sex, violence and rape.
Zoe Takashi & Louise Wu, June 2000 to October 2008
Krycek/Skinner, NC 17
An epic saga about two men drawn together, then forced apart by secrets and split loyalties, and their journey back to each other. Their struggle to regain their relationship, control of their lives and beat back an alien threat.
  Zoe Takashi, September 2005
Krycek/Mulder, NC 17
Krycek makes a different choice after the events of Sleepless.
Losing It
  Zoe Takashi, July 2004 to August 2005
Mulder, Skinner, Krycek, G (maybe PG for language)
Warnings: Proceed to washroom before reading. Something unspeakable has happened. Can the boys cooperate long enough to get it fixed?
  Zoe Takashi, June 2004 to October 2005
Krycek/Mulder, NC 17
Warnings: Very dark, violence, physical, mental and emotional abuse and/or torture, disturbing thoughts and images. Please proceed cautiously!
A very dark look at Alex finally getting what he really needs.
Becoming Alex
  Zoe Takashi, January 2002
Krycek/Other Male, NC 17
Warnings: Rape, violence, lots of dead bodies
Krycek's life before the Bureau. Part of the Exigency Universe.
Biological Imperative
Loren Q, December 2001
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
An old X-File comes back... with a new twist.
Baser Desires
Loren Q, September 2001
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Dark and violent
Mulder fights the truth about himself and his connection to Krycek.
Louise Wu, June to July 2001
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Violence. Rape. Heavy emotional angst.
Sex. Plot. Angst. Love. Hard-won acceptance.
  Louise Wu, May 2001
Skinner/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Consensual BDSM. Heavy submission.
Dominance is love. Pain is release. Submission is freedom.
All of It
  Loren Q, May 2001
No Pairing, PG
Warnings: Contains the actual dialog from that scene.
Loren's version of what really happened in the Existence garage scene.
It Has to Be You
Zoe Takashi, May 2001
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Very dark, violence, character death. Proceed at your own risk.
Mulder and Krycek's relationship comes to its inevitable end.
Loren Q, April 2001
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Magic and mischief as Mulder and Krycek work an X-File together.
Echo Lane
Louise Wu, March 2001
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Some kink. An unexpected encounter with Krycek sends Mulder on a quest.
  Loren Q, February 2001
Scully/Skinner plus Skinner/Other Male, NC 17
Warnings: BDSM, fisting.
Scully's past and Skinner's present intersect.
  Louise Wu, December 2000
Skinner/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: BDSM, one kink that will squick many readers.
Skinner plays with Krycek's head... and other parts.
Disaster, Fiasco & Tragedy
  Zoe Takashi & Louise Wu, November 2000
Scully/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Het! Anal sex. Some kink.
Scully's subconscious is filled with surprises.
Loren Q, November 2000
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
A PWP where Krycek offers Mulder a glimpse of... the truth.
Anal Sex for Dummies
  Louise Wu, November 2000
Sort of Skinner/Krycek and Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Fluff. Pendrell finds new ways to screw up Krycek's life.
Nothing to Start From
  Loren Q, October 2000
Skinner/Krycek, NC 17
Skinner deals with nanocytes and a distressing hard-on.
Afternoon Off
  Louise Wu, September 2000
Skinner/Mulder, NC 17
Skinner gives a memorable blowjob.
Sleep & Tackle
Zoe Takashi & Loren Q, August 2000
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Loren is actually nice to mulder in this story.
Burn your face off BDSM PWP.
Yes, Alex
Loren Q, July 2000
Krycek/Mulder, NC 17
Warnings: BDSM, cutting
A PWP where Krycek offers Mulder a glimpse of... the truth.
A Gentleman's Word
Loren Q, June 2000
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Heavy sex scenes. Evil Krycek.
Krycek and Mulder are thrown together on a mission.
Diplomatic Immunity
  Loren Q, May 2000
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Evil Krycek.
An X-File and a close encounter with Krycek.
Loren Q, April 2000
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Dark, Non-consensual sex, Evil Krycek. Krycek takes advantage of Mulder.
Reach Out and Touch Someone
  Louise Wu, April 2000
Mulder/Krycek, NC 17
Warnings: Fluff. Krycek tells Mulder a silly story.
Unofficial Channels
  Louise Wu, April 2000
Skinner/Mr. X, NC 17
Two alpha males in an elevator.
The Kiss
  Loren Q & Louise Wu, March 2000
Mulder/Krycek sort of + Pendrell/Scully, NC 17
Warnings: Fluff. Pendrell seeks a kiss and gets more than he bargained for.

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