Chemistryby Louise Wu

Forgiveness doesn't come in a day. After a sexual encounter changes Mulder and Krycek, both struggle to let go of the past. A high angst love story, with plenty of plot twists and hot sex as our boys work through real-world relationship problems.

Warning: Violence. Rape. Heavy emotional angst. Rating: NC-17 for male/male sex.
Spoilers: Season 5 + Season 7 (Orison). Canon altered after The Red and The Black.
Episode Orison modified.
Note: I prefer Krycek with one arm and Mulder not color blind so he can fully
appreciate those beautiful green eyes.
Beta Thanks: Loren Q, Aries, Clio, Zoe Takashi, Lyrical Soul.
And last but not least... midwife Ness.
Inspiration Thanks: This series was inspired by a scene in Aries' Admission.
Find out which scene in Book 2. Thanks, Aries!
Tatalya in These Men of Honor inspired my original character, Natalia.
Thank you, phyre and Rachel!
Thanks also to Clio for encouraging me to write Slutful!Fox.
Disclaimer: Chris Carter and 1013 Productions own the X-Files series characters.
The rest are mine. No infringement of rights is intended.

Book 1: Desired
Chapters 1-6 (154 KB)
Chapters 7-10 (82 KB)
Book 2: Divided
Chapters 1-5 (110 KB)
Chapters 6-10 (132 KB)
Book 3: Defended
Chapters 1-5 (113 KB)
Chapters 6-9 (85 KB)
Chapters 10-14 (107 KB)

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First Published: 6 June 2001

2nd Place Krycek Characterization
& 3rd Place Krycek Slash

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