Intense gratitude to Theban Band for the beautiful cover art.

Summary: Mulder discovers his life could have been very different.
Warning: Some Kink. Rating: NC-17 for male/male sex.
Spoilers: Through Season 7, Amor Fati, plus weak hints for Closure and Requiem.
Note: This is a work of fiction. No one should ever take safer sex and HIV as cavalierly
as I do in this story. Fictional characters don't die from those mistakes.
Beta Thanks: Loren Q, Zoe Takashi, Jennie, Quinn, Susan Reynolds, Alex Wood.
Special Thanks: to Josan for help with Canadian geography and weather.
Disclaimer: Chris Carter and 1013 Productions own the X-Files series characters.
The rest are mine. No infringement of rights is intended.

Part One
Chapters 1-7
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Part Two
Chapters 8-9
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Part Three
Chapter 10
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Part Four
Chapter 11
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Part Five
Chapters 12-13
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First Published: 29 March 2001

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