warning: please use the washroom before reading. there have been reports of people losing it
pairing: this story doesn't really have a pairing. it features mulder, skinner, kyrcek & scully
rating: G, maybe PG for language
spoilers: there is a vague reference to piper maru / apocrypha
thanks: ursula for another great beta and for creating the environment where this could be born. amazonX & lorelei for their ongoing support and encouragement and for making me laugh.
history: late one night, after spending many days working on a very dark story, i felt close to losing it, so i wrote a bit of fluff to make me laugh. i shared it with the wonderful folks at AlexK-H-C-orD@yahoogroups.com. their humour and encouragement turned that first bit of frivolity into this story. i dedicate it to them, and share it with everyone else in their honor.

Take I Take II Take III
4 july 2004 5 july 2004 6 july 2004
Take IV Take V Take VI
7 july 2004 8 july 2004 9 july 2004
Take VII Take VIII Epilogue
27 august 2005 28 august 2005 coming soon

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disclaimer: chris carter and 1013 productions own the x-files series characters. the rest are mine. no revenue is collected. no infringement of rights is intended.

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